Know the Facts About Where Information is Obtained for Your Background Report

Before you get too upset with USAFact regarding the information on your background report, consider the source. The source for the information that is. It is the responsibility of USAFact to immediately investigate all disputes of any information contained on our background reports. However, understand that USAFact processes background reports for a "one-time" use only and the information we procure is from sources that are accessible by several entities who use this information to learn more about you as an individual. It is always our recommendation to ensure that you correct the source of the disputed information. USAFact can modify your background report for our client but we cannot ensure that Information Sources that keep database information on you as a consumer do the same. In the case of any dispute of information you may have, USAFact will be happy to reveal the source to you to help you get the information corrected if it is necessary to do so.

USAFact provides our clients with access to Credit Bureaus, State DMV databases, and other such necessary public record sources that maintain files on consumers. In addition, USAFact receives information from our clients to verify the validity of the supplied information. USAFact also provides to our clients access to criminal conviction histories available as public record and falling within the reporting limits established by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and State Civil Codes.

USAFact ensures that reasonable Quality Assurance measures are put into effect to assure the highest possible accuracy of the information contained in a background report. USAFact maintains standard operating procedures to confirm to the greatest possible extent, that the reported public record information is complete and current. All data will be secured with both physical and software-based security, including encryption of files; and all transmissions of data via the Internet will be secured with 128-bit SSL encryption.

USAFact utilizes the following sources to obtain the information necessary to assemble Background Screening reports for our clients under the permissible purpose of pre-employment. USAFact will accept the responsibility of the remedy for all disputes on reports produced by our clients, but we strongly suggest that you make the effort to correct the source of the information whether it be at the County Courthouse, with the Credit Bureau, or a discrepancy in your DMV. It will be our pleasure to assist you in this endeavor.


Credit Reports/Address History and AKA Locator
USAFact utilizes the three main Credit Bureaus in the United States to procure Credit History information in addition to Address History information. Under law, USAFact is responsible for handling any disputed information contained in a Credit History or Address History, however we strongly recommend that you contact the Credit Bureaus to obtain copies of your Credit History information at least once per year. The three Credit Bureaus in this country are:
  • Trans Union:
  • Trans Union Consumer Relations
    P.O. Box 2000
    Chester, PA 19022-2000
    or 800-916-8800
  • Equifax:
  • Equifax Information Services, LLC
    P.O. Box 740256
    Atlanta, GA 30374
  • Experian:

    Motor Vehicle Report
    USAFact obtains Driver's Histories directly from the DMV of the state of issue of the candidate's license. The information comes directly from the state and is embedded into the report. USAFact will handle disputes of DMV information with the state however it is strongly recommended by USAFact to the candidate that they pursue the matter with the DMV to ensure their permanent record is corrected. Click here to view a table containing each state's contact information.

    Verification Information
    Verification information includes all information USAFact provides via a call center. Your employment history, education history, professional license verification, and any personal reference information is obtained by trained verification specialist who call employers and schools directly. Employment verifications and Education verifications are obtained directly from the source. In some instances, schools and employers use databases to house their information. In those instances, USAFact will have to contact those databases for employment and school records. USAFact will investigate all disputes of information originating from these sources however it is the recommendation of USAFact to contact these sources personally to ensure your permanent record with them is corrected.

    If you do have a dispute, please utilize our electronic dispute form so that we may correct it immediately. You can do so from the front of our page or click here to begin the process. Please understand that USAFact does not keep database information for resell to other entities. Our reports are created for a one time use only.